Yes, you can. For instance, search for Melbourne by typing MEL.

Simply because booking Outbound and Return flights separately (oneway flights) works out to be a lot more expensive than a return fare. Therefore we do not offer this option for international flights at all.

Just like for domestic flights, you can book Economy Class and Business Class for International flights too. A number of carriers also have First Class on some routes, which is a higher level than Business Class.

A direct flight is a point to point (city to city) flight that is either non-stop or has one or more intermediate stops, but with no change of aircraft. Changing aircrafts and terminals increases the duration of your journey. Direct non-stop flights are generally the shortest in duration followed by direct flights with stops.

An indirect flight is one where stopovers via intermediate cities are involved. Indirect flights involve change of aircraft and often a change of terminal. It is not permitted to break your journey in a transit city.

A stopover is a stop you make at one or more cities during your trip, which involves a change of aircraft. Generally, the duration of a stopover is longer than 48 hours. For instance, you might want to stopover for a few days in Dubai, on your way to London.