About Us

Top Travel Trip is a business to business travel oriented organization that believes in serving the highest quality at any time, any place and any cost to Travel agents. We have a dedicated team of skilled and well trained professionals who are ready to assist travel agents worldwide to gain access to world class content, assisting in operating at full potential as well as delivering the best possible service to its customers. We believe in saving both time and money for travel agents by providing quality and seamless services at affordable rates.

Growth and expansion have been phenomenal since the launch of Top Travel Trip in 2012 and has since been launched in 12 countries around the world. The excellent service oriented vision of the President and higher management has secured the online travel agency a unique position in the world of travel.

Top Travel Trip has also launched its online travel portal keeping in view the changing realities in the globalized world and the role of technology in every business. Now travel agents have the luxury of planning and booking their customers travels online. The Top Travel Trip brand has developed lasting and trusted relationship over time with airline companies, hotel groups, car rental services providers and insurance companies across the world. www.toptraveltrip.com has online links with the websites/online portals of its worldwide collaborators, strengthening its position as an Ecommerce based concern aspiring to serve agents across the globe.

In collaboration with its reliable partners, Top Travel Trip provides affordable and complete holiday packages including online air tickets, car rental service, insurance and residential services at reputable hotels to travel agents, corporate travellers and leisure travellers in numerous locations across the world, especially in Africa because of its extensive network of 12 branches in 12 countries across Africa. Whether you are a corporate traveller or a travel agent, you have this one online platform to cater for your every kind of travel needs ranging from booking airline tickets to car rental services to residence.